Focused for many years on competition, prototyping or micro-series, the BE Faster works continuously to satisfy two entities; The end customer, external to the company, for which the BE has an imperative result. Then for the in-house production workshops, to which he must offer the best technical solutions for implementation and execution. A technological challenge that takes into account the benefit / price / delivery equation that must satisfy the end customer. Mastering advanced tools in line with the requirements of our customers (SOLIDWORKS & CATIA V5), the design office has the space and resources needed to receive the backing of a network of partners to carry out the project. realization of large projects with reactivity. The spacious and connected meeting rooms allow us to welcome our clients to follow the projects entrusted to us.


With this long experience of Faster and consisting of men with the necessary expertise in engineering, the design office is able to provide all services related to the development of projects in their entirety in areas as varied and vast as motor racing, prototype builders.


Located in the heart of Faster, the design offices are in direct contact with workshops that have all the necessary tools to put into production the projects entrusted to it.


Study of regulations or specifications Preparation of specifications Development of preliminary draft Sourcing components: engine, transmission, steering, braking, suspensions … Definition of architecture Study of geometries, sizing and definition of running gear Study, sizing and definition of tubular or composite chassis, Structure, bodywork, electrical harness. Study and definition of fluid circuits: cooling, lubrication, braking, … Bodywork study:

    • Body cutting
    • Kinematic study of openings
    • Bodywork study (including assembly and dismounting process)

Validation, development and development :

  • Trial meeting organizations
  • Focus suspension
  • Maintenance, overhaul, maintenance and repair


Computer Software: CATIA Software SOLIDWORKS Servers HP Plotter Printers Scanners Color Copiers External Team Structure: Offices Project Trays Fully Equipped Meeting Rooms Computer Rooms



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