The Faster mechanical workshop, originally specialized in F1 and rally raid (Paris-Dakar), has for more than 30 years built up a solid reputation based on experience in preparation, construction and assembly and race car focus. The rich mechanical workshop of the past, turned towards the future This know-how has adapted to the needs of customers and today applies to the concept car, both prototypes and historic vehicles. The mechanical workshop Faster also ensures the operation of these sporting vehicles or related to the series by accompanying the customers on the ground during the sessions of tests and competitions. Evolution, maintenance and possible repairs are also part of the traditional activities of the workshop team. With these skills, based on the design department, the mechanical workshop that also perfectly master the new technologies that are electric and hybrid engines. The assembly of modern prototypes, modern concept cars and the revival of historic vehicles are among the daily challenges.


o Creation and installation of fluid circuit: fuel, oil cooling, water o assembly mechanical adjustment o GMP assembly and installation in vehicle o Assembly running gear: suspension, steering, brakes o Filling, oiling o Settings Trains o Getting Started and Settings o Debugging and Debugging o Acquiring Data o Problem and Failure Analysis o Maintenance and Repair


o 1 4-column bridge o 1 FACOM UNIC mobile bridge o 1 FACOM running gear adjustment bench o 1 10-ton electro-hydraulic press



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